About us


“Let us learn to dream, gentlemen: then perhaps we will find the truth. But let us beware of publishing our dreams until they have been tested by the waking understanding.”

 – August Kekule von Stradonitz

DIL Ltd. is an Indian public listed company located at Thane, India. Founded in 1951, DIL has built successful partnerships with leading Multinational Companies for over 53 years. 

With the growing global need for newer drugs and for research, DIL, with its capabilities, becomes a preferred partner for undertaking contract research and  custom synthesis. Today, the company has over 15 years experience in providing Research Support Services to Global Pharmaceutical Companies 

Specializing in synthesis of Fine Organic compounds, Chiral Building Blocks and Intermediates, our expertise include developing small size, aromatic & non-aromatic, functionalized heterocycles, enzyme mediated asymmetric synthesis of hydroxyesters, protection of amino acids at amino and carboxyl functionalities and synthesis of compounds having peptide linkage.

From it's fully-equipped and modern facilities, the multi-cultural team at DIL strives to offer the best services in organic synthesis and industrial biotechnology.

Qualified synthetic chemists develop and produce tailor-made compounds (gms to multi-kgs) for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries. Our services cover both individual projects, as well as working exclusively as permanent team members for clients. 

Offering expertise on both short and long-term projects, DIL seamlessly blends in as an extension of the client company, offering flexible and integrated services, made to measure solutions, cost-effective and on-time service accelerating drug discovery and development – backed by the assurance of confidentiality.

With all this, DIL enhances and adds value to the client’s research program.